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  Welcome to our Web Home Page. We hope this effort will provide with our visitors with an additional method of communication and sharing of information critical to the future of our profession. We are entering the age of information, wherein Civil Engineers have the ability of providing community services more timely,  with greater quality, and have those services delivered more  efficiently and effectively.


       By adapting the new tools that technology offers, in addition to sharpening our leadership and organizational abilities, we can reach clients across continents.  We can expand our message beyond political and geographic borders and become true ambassadors of Civil Engineering. Our Section is committed to provide you the Civil Engineering profession at large direct lines of communication with countries all around the world. The Web Page initiative is meant to serve your needs so let us hear from you. Send us your recommendations, or sharpen your writing skills and send us the technical publication you've always been meaning to write. With your input and continued support we can make this Site a model for others. We are thankful to the Web department for their Grant assistance in launching this effective communications tool.  


Joe Hayek
Hayek Construction Company